Drums Made in the Native Style

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Please note: These drums will show as ‘out of stock’ because they are special order items. You must email us to place an order.

Our selection of Traditional Drums are made to order by a North West drum maker in the traditional Lakota style. These drums are handcrafted and 
beautifully made for ceremonial and sound meditation uses. They are amongst the best quality drums we have ever played and built to withstand a wide range of weather conditions. Every drum is made with ceremonial intention honoring the medicine of the animals and wood from which they are built. The creation of the drums in this respectful manner carries into the intention of the player and reminds us of the circle of life.


For most adults, an 18" drum is a good size that can be played comfortably but with adequate resonance and vibration for ceremonial use. For those of smaller stature, consider a 16" drum. Personally, we love the 20" size, though we recommend this only for more advanced players or those who will not be holding the drum for extended periods. We often play our 20" drum continuously for up to 30 minutes with no issues, but some of our students have struggled with this size for periods longer than 10 minutes. The smaller drums are also wonderful and much easier to maintain playing for long periods.

Working with Medicine of the Animal

In choosing a drum, consider the medicine and spirit you will be working with. We love Deer because it is the spirit most associated with the divine feminine energy and even the Buddha, but Deer is also the thinnest of available hides and not suitable for humid environments. Elk is another powerful choice and associated with the mountainous regions of the Americas. Buffalo is most associated with the Great Plains. Moose is of a similar spirit. In Europe, Horse has been traditional to the various shamanic lineages. For those in humid environments, we recommend the thicker hides of Moose, Buffalo, or Horse. 


Our drums do not include a mallet, but we carry some great ones. We love using a soft beater for more meditative practices and the hard beaters for more intense sessions and drum circles.

Special Requests

If you are looking for a size/hide combination that is not listed on this site, contact us to see if we can get it made for you.

Important Note About Delivery

In most cases the delivery time for these drums is 2-3 weeks as they will be made to order. It can be less in some cases. If it is more than 2-3 weeks we will contact you. In all cases it's usually best to place a custom order for these drums so we can give you an exact time frame for delivery. Simply email us at info@sonoransound.com.