Infinite Therapy Bowls

Sonoran Sound

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This listing comes with singing bowl, pillow, and striker.

The Infinite Therapy Bowl series are twice-hammered, giving them a very long sustain with bell-like tones and harmonics. Extra time and consideration is spent on these bowls.

Each of these bowls is sold according to use with a primary chakra, but each bowl can be used with any number of chakra based on the individual resonance and intentions of the practitioner. The common chakra systems that most bowl sellers use are not based in any historical or practical fact. Indeed, there is no one note that works with any particular chakra. There are an infinite number of notes. Thus, these bowls are sold by weight and size for working with the chakra in an intuitive way and not based on any notation system.

Bowl Rating: Practitioner

Please Note: The bowl in the photos and videos is not the exact bowl you will receive with your order. It is a good and close example of how this size and style of bowl sounds and looks. Bowls are purchased in the wholesale markets by weight, not size, so the actual diameters of each weight vary slightly. Please treat our listed diameter for these bowls as approximate.

About Our Bowl Rating System

In the world of Himalayan bowls there are many variations. While all of our bowls are suitable for sound practitioners, we have developed a rating system that grades each bowl based on its sound and construction. The sound structure of bowl is a mix of volume, sustain, harmonic spectrum, and modulation. We also consider such nuances as the age of the bowl and aesthetic appeal. With these factors we rate bowls as follows:

  • Antique - These types of bowls are no longer made and usually are more than 60 years old. Some are several centuries old. The price of these bowls has continued to rise over the years and these bowls can be considered investments. Their sound structure is usually quite impressive, with pronounced audible overtones.
  • Master - Master bowls are modern bowls of the best quality and sound. Many of the newer bowls have sound structures on par with the antique bowls and exhibit incredible craftsmanship. Such bowls are usually comparable in price to Antique bowls.
  • Practitioner - Practitioner bowls are bowls that we have found provide an outstanding value while also delivering the excellent sound structure necessary for serious sound practitioners. It takes a very skilled ear to tell the difference between a Practitioner bowl and a Master bowl, but there are differences. A trained ear can often hear a richer number of overtones in Master and Antique bowls along with a more balanced spectrum of harmonics.