MKS Shruti Boxes

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The Shruti box is a must have instrument for all sound practitioners. The instrument uses bellows to vibrate metal reeds, producing a drone sound rich in harmonic overtones. Traditionally, the shruti box is played with a perfect fifth harmony such as C/G, allowing an infinite of possibilities for vocalizing over--chanting, singing, humming, etc. The shruti box also serves as a great accompaniment to flutes of all types.

This listing is for one shruti box and one padded case.

Each one is handcrafted and fine-tuned by Monoj Kr. Sardar & Bros, experienced and well-trusted Indian instrument makers. The exterior is made of wood, with cloth bellows and reeds allowing the sound to be pumped through the chambers of the box. It is similar to the harmonium in its overall sound and uses.

The Shruti Boxes we carry have chromatic tuning based on western classical tuning where A = 440 Hz. Our boxes have 13-keys: one full octave of tones and half-tones. These portable instruments are the perfect addition for sound healers and therapists, or for creators of new age and world music.

It's important that at least one key be open when pumping the bellows. Never pump a shruti box with all the keys closed or it could break.

13-Note Shruti Box Measurements:
Height: 12.25"
Width: 16"
Depth (Closed): 3.25"
Depth (Open): 14"