Navajo Antler Frame Drum

Sonoran Sound

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These magnificent drums are handmade in Arizona by a Navajo maker. Each drum is made in the traditional way and includes an antler handle for comfortable holding and playing. They are best suited for players living in dry climates (like Arizona) and not recommended for humid climates, which may require drying of the drum prior to playing to bring back it's voice.

We recommend the sizes over 16" for a full voice. These drums do not include a beater. We recommend our soft beater.

About the Maker

Paul Crane Tohlakai

Born on the Navajo Nation, Paul is Dine' (Navajo) and is known worldwide for his drums, horsemanship and other activities.

Paul acts as a bridge between the Native American culture and the modern world. A man of great depth and knowledge, his life's work is a testament to his breadth of experience that extends far beyond his work as an artisan drum maker.

Paul lectures internationally on Native American culture, spirituality, and the issues facing both indigenous people and animals in our 'modern' world. He is a mentor to many as a spiritual advisor, and is actively involved in ceremonies - including the Sundance held on his family property. Paul also conducts regular workshops on drum making, horsemanship, and is actively involved in animal rights and other global issues - both national and international.