Premium Wood, Rubber And Silicone Crystal Singing Bowl Mallet

Sonoran Sound

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10 inches long by 1 3/8 inch wide with a rubber inviter on one end.

This fantastic striker is best used with quartz crystal singing bowls, but can be used with metal bowls as well (the lighter colors of this striker can turn darker if used with a metal bowl). This tool is a carved wood striker with light silicone on the outer surface. There is a soft rubber ball at one end of the striker that is perfect for inviting or singing as well. This is the ultimate tool for any singing bowl collector.

This is a versatile dual ended tool that provides two unique playing surfaces for the serious crystal bowl aficionado. The rubber ball is a medium hardness natural latex ball, excellent for clear, featherlight and frosted style bowls. The silicone playing surface provides a virtually silent friction, allowing the sound of the bowl to be the focus.

All natural rubber products and silicone products will suffer from exposure to sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause rubber to dry out and change color. Silicone will lose the softness that makes it the tool that it is. Always protect your rubber and silicone tools and rings from exposure to the sun to prolong the life of the tools.