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Our next Sound Practitioner Training is being held November 7-8 & 14-15 at Authentic Yoga Scottsdale (formerly Dave's Astanga Yoga). This listing is for payment of fees by credit card for those wishing to do so. All participants must still fill out a registration form at the teacher's website, here. If you choose to pay through this website, please note that the price includes a service charge to cover the credit card processing fees. Other payment options are available that do not include the processing fee. Please see the other registration site for details or contact us. 

About the Training

Sound Practitioner Training is an initiation into the world of the Sound Practitioner. The training explores the world of sound as used in yoga, meditation, therapy, and other healing modalities. The course has seen overwhelming demand. Students graduate from the program empowered in their ability to work with sound regardless of their background.

Spread over the course of two weekends, this 30-hour training covers the history, science, spirituality and practice of sound, including hands-on learning in playing gongs, singing bowls, shamanic drum, Native American flute, bells, chimes, shruti box, using the voice, and much more. Yoga Alliance CEU credit is available to registered yoga teachers. Students receive Certification as Sound Practitioner (Level I). All instruments are provided.

A Life-Changing Program

Students of prior programs have gone on to use sound in their yoga teaching, massage practices, meditations, community centers, and in private therapy sessions. Many discovered musical abilities they never realized were there. All students leave the program with the ability to play Native American Flute, Frame Drum, Gong, Singing Bowls, and more. Most go even deeper, discovering their vocal abilities and pursuing individual interests.

Topics Covered

  • History & Theory of Sound Meditation and Sound Therapy
  • History of Sound in Yoga and Shamanic lineages
  • Use of Sound in Meditation and Therapy
  • Science of Harmonics and Overtones
  • Importance of Non-Equal Temperament
  • Use of Sound in Working with Chakra
  • Responsible Use of Terminology: Sound Healing, Sound Bath, Gong Bath, Gongmaster, Vibrational Healing, etc.
  • Physical Effects of Sound: Nervous System, Vagal Nerve, Cellular Responses, Brainwaves
  • Use of Sound in Ceremonial Settings
  • Conducting a Sound Classes and Private Sessions


  • Types of Gongs and Cultural Uses
  • History of Gong and Metallic Overtone Emitting Instruments
  • Energetics of Gong Playing
  • Gong Meditation
  • The 39 Gong Strokes
  • Friction Mallets (Flumies)
  • Hand Gong Techniques
  • Caring for the Gong
  • Selecting Gongs


  • Types of Bowls: Crystal Types, Metallic
  • Energetics and the Chakra
  • Playing Techniques and Styles
  • Use of Drone
  • Vocalization and Bowls: Toning, Chanting, and Talking Bowls
  • Binaural Playing
  • Selecting and Assembling Bowl Sets


  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Use of Frame Drum in Meditation
  • Hand Drum Techniques and Rhythms
  • Playing for Yourself and Others
  • Invoking the Medicine of the Drum
  • Use of Other Percussion Instruments: Shakers, Rattles, Wave/Ocean Drums, Rain Sticks, etc.


  • Finding Your Voice Even if You Think You Can’t Sing
  • Mindful Singing and Chanting for Meditation
  • Overtone Singing
  • Singing and Chanting with Shruti Box and Bowls


  • History of Flutes
  • How to Play Native American Flute
  • Introduction to Other Flutes: Overtone Flute
  • Playing Flute with Other Instruments and in Pairs

And more…

Upcoming Trainings

  • November 7-8 & 14-15, 2020. Pricing is $549 for early registration before October 25, 2020, or $649 after. Current Authentic Yoga Teacher Training students (AYTT) receive discounted pricing of $499. You may register through this site but there is a third-party credit card fee for doing so. To do so without the fee follow the following link