Tone of Life Gong Stand Bags for Square Style Stands

Sonoran Sound

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For Paiste Square and Set, Gibraltar, and Tone of Life Stands.

Stands are not the easiest of accessories to transport and pack, so Tone of Life has created a practical and unique way of dealing with this. Our new, strong and easy to transport Tone of Life Stand Bags with wheels.

Featuring separate compartments so the pieces don't bang against each other as much. The reinforced carry strap and pull handle make it easy to transport.

Designed for Paiste and Tone of Life type square stands in two sizes. Gibraltar pieces will slide in these bags easily as well. The bags come in two sizes, for up to 34" gong stands and for up to 44" gong stands. Made in Poland.

Small Stand Bag Measurements:
Length: 46"
Expanded Width: 27"
Folded Width: 12"

Approximate Pocket Measurements (From right to left):
Pocket Depth: 43.5"
Pocket 1: 7" wide x 3" high
Pocket 2: 3" wide x 3" high
Pocket 3: 3" wide x 4" high
Pocket 4: 3" wide x 4" high
Pocket 5: 3" wide x 2.5" high
Pocket 6: 7" wide x 4" high