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Sonoran Sound

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Zaphir Chimes are hand made in France out of organic and green approved materials. The tubes are made of recycled cardboard, which is protected by layer of varnish inside and out.

The Zaphir Chime Company began as Shanti Design. The creators of the chimes, S. Maeijer and J. Kolkmeijer, started working on chimes in 1992 and continue to have a strong focus on developing new sustainable materials and different tunings so as to create fresh sounding chimes. The craftspeople of these chimes play an integral role in their creation as each chime is tuned by hand, to ensure they all have a rich, melodious and circular flow.

The dimensions and tuning of Zaphir Chimes coincide with the natural principles related to the Golden Ratio. Zaphir Chimes are used for relaxation, in perinatal care, in sound-therapy-massage, meditation, Feng Shui and in educational work.

There are 5 tunings available in several color choices. Due to limits on the availability of certain color/tuning combinations we are selling solely by tuning. If you do have a particular color in mind, please include that in the notes and we will see if it's available. We cannot guarantee the color, but will guarantee the tuning that is ordered is what we deliver.

Total Chime Length: 14.5”
Chime Length: 5”
Chime Diameter: 2.5”

Note: These are not for outdoor use. The recycled cardboard can easily become damaged in the elements.

Sound Sample of Sufi Tuning 

Sound Sample of Blue Moon Tuning

Sound Sample of Twilight Tuning

Sound Sample Sunray Tuning

Sound Sample Crystallide Tuning