Paiste Square Stands

Sonoran Sound

Regular price $204.00

Paiste square stands are the most versatile stands available. They can be raised for playing while standing and lowered for seated playing. When ordered as a double stand, you can hold two gongs on one stand. These stands provide a good amount of stability, which translates to a better overall sound experience.

Reasons to Choose a Square Stand

  • You Value Stability Above Portability, Space, and Ease of Set Up
  • You Play in Various Positions from Seated to Standing
  • You Want to Stack Two Gongs on One Stand

Reasons to Choose Another Stand

  • You Do Not Want to Take Apart and Put Together Your Stand When Taking Your Gong Into the World (Choose a "C" Stand Instead)
  • You Do Not Like the Square Shape for Aesthetic or Energetic Reasons
  • Space is Tight in Your Playing Area (Choose a "C" Stand Instead)

Available for gongs up to 50". Please note that when selecting the double gong stand, it will include wheels. To add wheels to a single stand, you must purchase the wheels separately.