Paiste Symphonic Gongs

Sonoran Sound

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Our selection of Paiste Symphonic Gongs are designed for yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and similar settings. They do not have the usual "Paiste" logo on them (unless you want it), which can be distracting when setting a meditative mindset. Symphonic gongs are the go-to gongs for sound practitioners because they produce a wide range of overtones that quiet the mind and induce transcendental states of awareness.

Symphonic gongs are not tuned to any particular frequency. The face is slightly raised with beautiful hand scraping. While there are many types of gongs out there and we love them all, the Paiste Symphonic is our favorite for it's versatility. Using different mallets and varying striking points one can get a range of sounds from this gong. We find the thickness of the metal used by Paiste to be less excitable than similar gongs made by Meinl, which provides the practitioner with plenty of room to play before the gong fully opens.

If you are looking for a size greater than 40" please email or call so we can discuss pricing because gongs of that size require special shipping arrangements--and a big house!

NOTE ABOUT AVAILABILITY: Paiste and the other German gong makers are experiencing a surge in demand, which means that the wait times for gongs that are not in stock can be up to six months. Many of the gongs are in stock but some may not be. When ordering a Paiste gong it is best to email us first to check on availability.